Performance Training Center

Turf and Equipment  all the necessary equipment and training principals to maximize the athlete’s skills. With our indoor training facility and artificial turf, its allowing athletes to train year-round in order to continuously improve their skills.

Installed in the facility is  state of the art indoor turf . The pro-style weight room is equipped with pro series half cages and platforms with all the attachments and Olympic bumper plates, four-way adjustable utility benches, and hex rubber coated dumbbells. Also, the facility is home to a cutting-edge  training sand pit, which aids an athlete in acceleration, deceleration, and proper foot planting and can help to increase speed and agility.  The sand pit is an excellent tool to utilize, as it simulates the movements an athlete will make on the field or court during game time.  EGS also trains its clients using  VertiMax – the only system in the world that can simultaneously train explosive leg power and arm swing velocity by loading both the legs and arms for maximum Vertical Development. VertiMax provides the greatest speed gains because it loads both the drive (foot ground contact) and swing (foot airbourne) phases of the running motion, for maximum speed  and vertical development.

Weight room lockers for athletes to store their personal belongings,  a massage room staffed with the best massage therapists, and an athlete lounge that includes a 60” Flat Screen TV, couches, PlayStation 3, Madden, and many more games and movies for the athletes to enjoy and make themselves feel more at home. Furthermore, the facility has a room designated for video analysis so the athletes can review their training secessions in order to aid in their development and improvement of their skills.

Elite Gamespeed also offers sports rehab and physical therapy.  Looking for a state of the art facility that offers the best therapists in the industry, look no further Elite Gamespeed is waiting for you.   Our director of physical therapy is a current consultant for the NFL, MLB, NHL and PGA.   Put your health and career in the hands of the best.

Our performance training facility has all the necessary equipment and services  for an athlete to feel better, look better, and, most importantly, perform better. If you want a state of the art training experience with the best sports performance specialists available, ELITE GAMESPEED WANTS YOU!!! Bring your game to life!