Offensive Line Camp

Offensive Line Camp


  • 2.5 hours of instruction in a state of the art indoor facility where we will utilize equipment such as lineman shutes, boards, hoops, sleds, as well as shields, cones, and video sessions.
  • Athletes will receive individualized and small- group training focusing on individual skills and techniques for offensive and defensive lineman in the RUN & PASS GAME.
  • Competitive non-contact drills where athletes test their new skills against their peers
  • We will spend 30 minutes in our film room reviewing breakdown of the athletes from the drills with the athletes in order to point out positives and negatives and reinforce the learning aspect of the drills.
  • A printed handout with explanations of the techniques, drills and information covered provided to each athlete.

Individual Offensive skills will focus on:  RUN

  • Proper stance
  • Step progressions for drive block, down block, reach, inside zone, outside zone, trap pull, skip pull
  • Aiming points, eye contact, and landmarks
  • Proper footwork when engaged
  • Blocking in space versus linebackers
  • Draw blocking & Screen Blocking


  • Adjusting to a PASS set stance without tipping the defense
  • Post sets
  • 3 step protection technique
  • Kickslide and Powerdown technique
  • Aiming points, eye contact, and landmarks
  • How to pass punch identifying¬† your individual punch zone
  • Defeating the bull rush, rip, & spin
  • Working in combination to pick up and defeat stunts and blitz

Training Schedule:

May 9th

Saturday: 3:00 pm Orientation 5:30 pm Athlete Pickup

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