Baseball  Speed, Strength & Agility Training              

Elite Gamespeed is NE PA's premier speed and agility training facility for high school, collegiate and professional athletes.  We show you how to increase speed and utilize your full athletic potential to be the best player you can be on the diamond.  Learn how to turn that single into a double, get to the ball faster, steal bases with proven techniques, and impress your peers and coaches.  There is only one premier speed training facility in NE PA, don't trust your future to someone one doing it partime and without a proven track record or success with athletes, see our testimonials on facebook, google and  see our athletes we have trained and the success they have had from our training , can you afford not to be here?  

Elite Gamespeed Nepa’s baseball  speed, agility, strength and conditioning program. Space is limited.

Baseball  players from youth to professional levels are "covering their training bases" by participating in EGS NEPA’s Training Programs.



Baseball training programs are all designed to improve all necessary skills to Be successful on the diamond.

  •  Acceleration and speed for running bases

  • Agility for quick movements on the field

  • Arm strength for pitching, throwing and bat swing velocity, exit velocity.

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Hand-eye coordination.


Program Components

  1. Plyometrics: Plyometric training includes a variety of footwork drills and special exercises that enhance an athlete's performance and ability to stay balanced for strategic pitching, changing directions quickly, explosive running, accurate fielding and successfully stealing bases.

  2. Strength Training: Through the use of specially designed program for baseball  athletes can both develop and increase their overall strength in our state of the art weight room.

  3. Resistance Speed & Vertical Power Training: in our functional room.


Each 50-minute training session will include the following testing and skills.

  • Pre- and post-testing on first and last sessions

  • Proper warm ups and cool downs

  • Mechanics

  • Agility and multi-directional speed drills

  • Low- and high-impact plyometrics (depending on individuals)

  • Acceleration

  • Conditioning

  • Strength and power training

  • Core training.




Speed Training Methods and Techniques


We take our athletes through the many different aspects that encompass speed training.  We incorporate a wide variety of training methods that are scientifically-supported to give our athletes increased strength and speed.  Here are some of the areas we focus on when training for speed:


  • Injury prevention

  • Running mechanics

  • Explosive starts

  • Multi-directional abilities

  • Base stealing techniques

  • Deceleration training

  • Quickness

  • Upper/lower body strength development

  • Power

  • Flexibility

  • Post workout recovery

  • Mental perseverance








No matter what your current level is, after training with Elite Gamespeed, you will see immediate results where you will learn how to run faster and how to train for speed.  Ultimately, we will take you to the next level and improve your game on the diamond.  There is no other program that will give you the strength training and speed training skills you will find when training with the Elite Gamespeed coaches. If you are speed-challenged,  or for those who already run fast, we will make you run faster. Come train with the only speed  development facility in NE PA and BRING YOUR GAME TO LIFE!