Lacrosse  Speed, Agility & Strength Training


As you all know, strength training is crucial for all athletes that are looking to bring their game to an elite level. But one factor of training that is so important and overlooked by most athletes is maintaining and performing speed and agility training on a weekly basis.


Why is speed and agility training so important? In lacrosse, having linear speed is a game changer, but something much more important to overall performance is having the ability to change direction at a quicker rate.


Performing drills or exercises that will help you react quicker on the field, or shave a few seconds off of each turn in a game, will allow you to build your offensive and defensive games dramatically. Realize that these types of sessions are not meant to be cardio sessions; instead all trainings that are focused on speed, agility, or speed endurance should be focused on short and intense bursts of speeds.


Speed is a motor task, and because of this, it is important to seek advice from a professional so you are taught the correct mechanics necessary for each drill. By learning the proper running/agility mechanics , and adding these drills to your weekly schedule, your overall speed will increase tremendously.




















Elite Gamespeed NEPA’s Lacrosse Program is an innovative and comprehensive training system geared toward teaching players the tools and fundamentals of lacrosse while also improving strength, conditioning, hand-eye coordination, speed & agility. By combining these elements in a series of dynamic sessions specifically made for a lax individual, Lacrosse is a one of a kind training regimen that will maximize  player’s speed, agility, strength, conditioning, and productivity on the lacrosse field.

What makes our approach the most effective?

We have developed customized training programs based on the player’s key areas for improvement and growth.

Egs identifies the athletes key areas for improvement and designs a proven program for maximum success. You will be extremely happy with your before and after results.

Lacrosse Players
Lacrosse Players