Sports Nutrition & Supplementation

First, it improves performance by improving body composition, which increases
speed, quickness, mobility, and strength. Second, it will help the speed of
recovery, which will in turn create more capacity for practicing and
competition as the body is becoming more fit and adjusted to the coupling of
the good nutrition incorporated into the workout regimen. Third, it will allow
one to increase energy for both practice and competition, which will definitely
help one’s performance. A strategic meal plan will also increase immunity,
allowing one to stay healthy and be able to continue and intensify practice and
training. Most importantly, it will improve overall health as proper health is
essential to all aspects of life.


It is important for an athlete to maintain weight by
increasing muscle and decreasing fat. Weight gain places strain on cardiovascular
and respiratory systems which slows an athlete down and creating more stress
on the body. While weight loss means that a person is not getting enough
nutrients to sustain the body causing poor recovery and extreme fatigue. The athlete
does this by eating foods high in protein, complex carbohydrates and other




Research shows that the coupling of exercise and proper diet
is what produces a healthy lifestyle that can maintain the prevention/management
of  noninsulin-independent diabetes,
hypertension, coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, obesity, mental health,
colon cancers, stroke and back injury. In addition to diet, social and cultural
influences, lifestyle habits, motivation and training determine successful athletic
performance. However, without proper nutrition, the full potential of the
athlete will not be realized, because performance will not be at its peak,
training levels may not be sustained, recovery from injury will be slower, and
the athlete may become more susceptible to injury and infection. Understanding
sports nutrition leads to optimal athletic performance and lifetime health
benefits and can thus be evaluated by the intake of certain nutrients and
supplements when exercising, by learning the way the body utilizes these
materials and how these practices complement future diet and exercise of the


Goals of EGS nutrition include:

■Identifying your individual nutrition, biochemical, and hydration deficiencies, supplemenatation

■Improving energy levels

■Increase strength & performance

■Reduce stress

■Improving your body fat percentage

■Speeding up recovery from training


EGS invests in all of our clients, whether it is a pro athlete,
firefighter, high school athlete, or active adult. To achieve this personal
approach, each client meets individually with our nutritionists for a
one-on-one nutrition coaching session to create a plan that supports the client’s
nutritional needs, goals and lifestyle. Following the initial consultation,
support continues through training programs or individual nutrition programs,
providing continued nutrition education, follow-up evaluations, and support
strategies as needs and goals evolve. Nutrition programs are included as part
of an integrated training program, but are also available as an individual


EGS understands your needs

Everyone has different goals, schedules, and lives; EGS
understands that there isn’t one nutrition strategy that works for everyone.
Our staff works with you to create a strategy that best fits your goals and
lifestyle, creating simple yet effective ways to ensure you’re getting the
proper nutrition your body needs to perform at your best on a daily basis.
These strategies are built around any special dietary needs and can help those
who find it hard to follow their nutrition plans while on the road. We provide
one destination for all your nutrition needs.


EGS offers training, hydration, and nutrition strategies
supported by customized supplementation plans to ensure that all aspects of
your performance nutrition  are available
to support your goals.