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Strength Training 

Elite Gamespeed has a proven Strength & Conditioning system designed for every athlete, male and female, young and mature, and of all strength levels.  Our strength and conditioning sessions will be fully supervised with careful attention placed on the quality of movement.  The Elite Gamespeed Strength & Conditioning philosophy is to educate all athletes, so they may retain knowledge and improve their skill set to remain strong, injury free, and healthy for life.   Our strength specialists are qualified and accomplished in the latest techniques and programs for the advancement of the athlete.


Our weight training facility is equipped with  cages and platforms accompanied by all the attachments.  The weight room features Olympic bumper plates, four-way utility benches, rubber hex dumbbells, and much more.

Athletes will be exposed to explosive Olympic Lifting, which will have a great effect on power, speed, acceleration, and overall functional movement.  Our Strength & Conditioning Program not only takes place in the weight room but also outdoors in our world-class sand pit.   The Elite Gamespeed sand pit training was developed to assist our athletes to improve acceleration, deceleration, foot placement, game movement simulation, and, most importantly, plyometric speed and agility training.  One of our most enduring and demanding exercises takes place on our battling ropes. This exercise is designed to increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity, increase strength and endurance, to help develop grip strength, to create great core conditioning and superior cardio conditioning without suffering joint impact, and to develop mental toughness.


We also feature our tractor tire flip, this movement primarily works the entire posterior chain (lower back, butt, hamstrings, calves), but also effectively targets the quadriceps, shoulders, arms, hip flexors, and upper back.  Our strength techniques and training methods will increase performance, improve athletic explosiveness, improve speed and agility and, most importantly, will increase your confidence.  Each workout will begin with a dynamic warm-up and static stretching techniques and will cover upper and lower extremity strength training, sport specific strength training for speed and core development.  Your workouts at Elite Gamespeed will keep you physically and mentally challenged, with the latest and most unique exercises known to strength training.


The Elite Gamespeed Strength & Conditioning program is a supervised resistance training program that is designed to:


  • Be safe and effective

  • Enhance muscular strength and power

  • Improve motor skill performance and contribute to enhanced sports performance

  • Decrease an athlete’s chances of sports-related injuries

  • Improve the psychosocial well-being of all participants

  • Promote and develop positive exercise habits

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