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Tactical Fire & Rescue 

All throughout the length of our careers, we help thousands of athletes accomplish their goals, their dreams and experience moments beyond any of our wildest imaginations.  Young, aspiring Little League ball players have rejoiced as they hit their 1st ever home run.  High School players celebrating with their families as they sign their letters of intent by earning college scholarships.  We combined the proper implementation of our highly effective program with all of the hard work, dedication and talents of college players and coaches to win National Championships in soccer, volleyball, baseball and many individuals in swimming.  And we’ve stood tall atop the athletic mountain with our athletes.  All of our faces warmed by the spotlight as they’ve been awarded medals, championships, MVP’s and are paid millions of dollars to play a game.

We always continue to research, design and develop performance driven S&C programs.  But in 2006, we decided that we wanted to fully implement S&C to a new population.  To a community whose increased performance could save their lives.  To a community whose increased performance could help them save a life.  To a community whose performance could help them save even more lives.  We evolved into TFR (Tactical Fire Rescue S&C Program) and moved forward at full speed.  Since then, we’ve helped hundreds in the community utilize training systems that were previously devoted to helping sports’ athletes accomplish in the arena.  Now for the Tactical Athlete, combat readiness and in case of emergency (ICE) preparation has been our call to arms, doing our part to protect those that protect us.

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